Filters Wire Baskets and Inserts

These filters are mainly used for filtration of fluids.


These filters are made of woven or welded screens with square or rectangular mesh, of technical cloths, slotted screens, of metal sheets with or without perforation, expanded metals or of a combination of those products. They serve in the processes of production, transportation, surface treatment or heat treatment of products. 

They are often used in goods storage, for degreasing, in galvanizing processes, in quenching furnaces etc. The most common materials are DIN 1.4301, DIN 1.4401, DIN 1.4841, DIN 1.4845 and DIN 1.4864 (depending on the application).


Types of Baskets (according to application)

  • quenching and annealing baskets
  • degreasing baskets
  • slotted baskets
  • suction baskets
  • gully traps
  • deep fryer baskets

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