Conveyor Belts Type 400 CTR

Wire belts for drying and continuous transportation.


The belt is made of broadly wound wire of a round section spiral. The alternating left and right spirals are joined by crimped transverse wires. The standard and only possible edging is by welding. The crimped transverse wires help to maintain the original structure of the belt in tension, since they prevent the spiral wires from shifting. This belt is produced in only a few versions which can be driven by special cog wheels.



  • suitable for conveyors with a small transition edge (the so-called knife edge)
  • direct run of the belt
  • zero back slip
  • suitable for drying products thanks to big open area
  • long working life
  • not the best solution for transportation of products leaving residues on the belt, which may lead to clogging and decreasing its function
  • not suitable for heavy loads


As a drying belt in the food industry, as a conveyor belt in the sterilization process in the pharmaceutical industry, as a transfer belt between separate technologic lines, for example between the proving and baking ovens.

This type of belt is most commonly used for:

  • drying
  • continuous transportation
  • packing



  • Transverse wire pitch: 3.80 - 19.05 mm
  • Spiral wire pitch: 3.70 - 16.93 mm
  • Transverse wire diameter: 1.20 - 2.00 mm
  • Spiral wire diameter: 0.80 - 2.00 mm
  • Standard material: stainless steel
  • Working temperature: up to 200 °C
  • Edging: welding (G)

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