Conveyor Belts Type 1500

Plate belts for bakeries, machining, belts for taking out castings, belts for presses.


This belt is made of metal plates joined together by transverse rods threaded through their edges. The belt is always edged with a roller chain and it can be equipped with side plates or carriers. The belt can be without perforation, perforated or stamped, which prevents sticking of the transported goods to its surface. The belt is delivered including connecting segments and, upon the client’s request, also chain wheels.



  • direct run of the belt
  • zero back slip
  • can be easily adjusted for transportation of products in an incline
  • suitable for transportation of small products thanks to its small open area
  • good strength and long working life
  • choice of five basic pitches according to the chain type



As a discharge belt in automated press shops and machine shops; as a special baking belt; as a conveyor belt in the chemical industry etc.

This type of belt is most commonly used for:

  • continuous transportation



  • Transverse bar pitch: 25.40 + 38.10 + 63.00 + 100.00 + 152.4 mm
  • Transverse bar diameter: 5.00 + 8.00 + 11.00 mm
  • Standard materials: common black steel, stainless steel
  • Working temperature: up to 350°C
  • Edging: chain (KE)

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