Insect Screens Fibreglass

These screens are used in the windows and doorways to keep bothersome insects outside.


Fibreglass mesh is used as a protection against bothersome insects in the windows and doorways.



The glass fibre is made of glass cullet molten under high temperature and subsequently coated in PVC (polyvinylchloride). Once the screens are woven they are pulled through a furnace where thermal fixation takes place. The main advantages of fibreglass are its stable mechanical and physical properties (it does not stretch, shrink, it always maintains its shape under any conditions, it does not respond to air humidity or sunlight).


Roll Width

  • 600 mm - 1800 mm


Roll Length

  • 30 rm


Mesh Size

  • 1.4 mm


Fibre Diameter

  • 0.28 mm



  • 18 x 16



  • grey, black, white


Delivery Time

  • on stock

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